10 Solo Female Travel Bloggers from India On Instagram

Life is a beautiful journey! 

Nature offers a beautiful canvas, but we often confine ourselves to the concrete jungles for most of our lives. Women are often caught up with their lives, from office to home duties. The hectic schedule and the lack of travelers to go along is a significant pushback for those willing to go out and explore the natural abundance. 

Some women have finally begun to see beyond the concrete walls and cut off with travel constraints. We present top 10 solo women travelers who record their beautiful journeys and inspire many women to explore natural beauty through Youtube videos and Instagram posts. 

Meet Top 10 Solo Female Travel Bloggers from India

Her wanderlust has made her one of the most famous. With whooping 212K followers on Instagram, she is among the famous female travel enthusiasts. She has been a digital nomad since 2015. The best part about her trips is that she explores the hidden, lesser-known places around India but are worth visiting. Explore Unexplored India with this Wander woman!

Tanya Khanijow

This girl has been breaking stereotypes ever since she started traveling. With 257K followers on Instagram & a whopping 684K Subscribers on her, YouTube channel her solo traveling videos are a true inspiration. The adventure lover will take you through the best places in India and abroad.

While sitting in the comfort of your home, you can easily get transported to a beautiful location by just watching her vlogs. She has been to excellent places worldwide, notably in America, Africa, India, Bhutan & many more. Tune into her blogs for all the information about your destination. 

Forum Shah

The powerhouse of talent Forum Shah is a lifestyle and travel blogger. She is a true inspiration for all the young girls looking for some solo travel plans. Her vlogs covering Gokarna and Goa are a must-watch if you are planning to head there alone. Have your first beach vacation with guidance from a pro like her. The founder at Tait Blends is the perfection of balance. 

Kritika Goel

With 102k Instagram followers and a growing family of 300k on Youtube, this young girl has been smashing the high ceiling with her travel vlogs to Goa, Koh Phi Phi (Thailand), Varanasi, Gangtok, Dubai, etc. Her followers include the girls who wish to undertake solo trips.

You name the place, and the girl must have been there. His solo travel vlogs are like mini-guides to the site. The detailed vlogs and Instagram posts are something you would genuinely enjoy. 

Larissa D’SA

Larissa has donned many hats so far. She was awarded the Cosmo Traveler influencer of 2021 and is a founder of two companies: Larissa and Feliz land. She is one of those travel presenters and lifestyle bloggers who would give you a detailed description of their day throughout the travel.

Her travel vlogs are garnished with cool hacks for your Instagram-worthy Instagram photos and how to manage your content. Skincare is something she swears by and inspires you to maintain a healthy skincare regime on the go. Follow Larissa for excellent solo travel guides to Bali, Dzukou Valley, Keywest (Florida), Abu Dhabi, Bali, and many more destinations. 

Shivya Nath

This vegan drifter has traveled solo to many places, including Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, etc. This environment-conscious traveler stresses co-existence with the environment and animals. She has been featured at WWF, NatGeo, BBC, and more.

Follow this responsible traveler for an environmentally friendly journey the next time you wish to go on a trip. Her offbeat travel stories will make your day.


Priyanka Chandola

The DesiGirlTraveler has 18.2k Instagram followers and a family of 266k on YouTube. She has a phenomenal Instagram feed, and her YouTube videos will transport you to the destination in consideration. Desi Girl has covered the most revered places in Himachal, including Jibhi.

Her poses and classic pictures of the sceneries and her in the midst will make you fall in love with traveling.

Prakriti Varshney

Her impressive Instagram begins with, “I travel Solo in India, and I feel safe in India.” She is an avid traveler and breaks stereotypes one at a time, be it driving or traveling alone. She has traveled alone and with friends to Spiti Valley, Meghalaya, Nagaland.

The hair enjoying the air, her dogs proudly posing, is worth a watch. She is an actual sport to conquer Mt. Everest by 2023. If you are someone who likes to set personal goals, you would love this traveler to bits.

Archana Singh

The Founder of “Travel See Write” has traveled solo to 60+ countries so far. She supports sustainable traveling and is an ambassador for Lumix. She has been to Ted Talks, TBEX, WTM. With 43.2k followers on Instagram, this solo traveler is hope for budding solo travelers.

She has featured in various newspapers and news channels. Having worked with great brands, including Atlantis Dubai, Oberoi Hotels, Expedia, etc., she offers the bright side of travel. 


Ambika Dutt

This nutritionist has set on a voyage. You will be amazed by how she keeps fit. The excellent travel vlogs and destination pictures are combined with fitness and lifestyle content. She is the founder of shape tutor. Her life is a complete inspiration package. Her trips to Leh Ladakh, Beaches will leave you in awe.

With 521k followers and client reviews on her profile, she is a perfect example of an ideal balance between travel and work life.


We believe you savored the virtual journey with all these leading travel bloggers. Make your travel dreams come true! We would love some feedback from your side.