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The club is constituted to build a community, inspire fellow women, help connect and empower female travellers with a love for traveling and exploring the new lands. Donna Wanderer offers an amazing place for all the wonder women to cherish friendship and make new friends with similar interests. DW club is designed to help women enjoy, cherish the little moments, share success stories, support each other and the community.

Most women are worried about safety and security while travelling, we at DW provide safe environment and secure trips to all the female travellers. When you become a part of DW, you become a part of women traveller community to motivate and inspire fellow women to enjoy the world together.

DW Traveller’s Meet

Health is at the core of DW Travel Meet. We see women breaking boundaries in various fields and donning multiple hats in both professional and personal lives. With all this pressure the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of women often falls through the crack. DW Traveller’s Meet strives to fill-in these cracks caused due to burnout, stress, loneliness, and unhappiness.

We believe in filling women with resilience to help improvise and find meaning in life. The most recent one being, “Living my Purpose” event. The upcoming event involves an interactive session by clinical Psychologist, Gynaecologist & a session by travel expert of the industry.