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Who Are We?

Why choose us

When we look around and see the obstacles women face when they choose to travel, we straight go from wide grins to WTF (Women Travel for Fun), which is not well taken by the surroundings though. We wish to make it easier and more fun for you.

We envision a personalized experience for you, special tours where your special needs are taken care of. At Donna Wanderer, we believe that no social barrier can inhibit your urge to travel and explore. No matter if you are a shy young woman, introvert, cautious, happily married, single mother, happily single, separated, or whatnot. We also cater to customized travel plans such as destination bachelorette parties, birthday bashes, etc. Our wings cannot be clipped due to at what stage of our life we stand. Come let's fly together breaking the cages and exploring the expanse of the skies.

You're a Donna Wanderer if you have the want to see the world and beyond!