Top 9 Safest places for solo female travelers in India

Solo traveling is a great way to experience the world first hand. You get the freedom to explore and a sense of responsibility while traveling alone. You can experience things at your speed. Despite all its pros, solo traveling is often met with a questionable gaze by friends and family.

It is easy for guys to one day pack their stuff and leave for a solo trip but come with many questions for young girls. Safety is a primary concern when a girl seeks to undertake a solo trip. Putting all the woes to rest, we have found the ten safest places in India perfect for solo female travelers. 

Gangtok, Sikkim

Sikkimese people are welcoming and warm towards the tourists. It is a fantastic place to explore on a solo trip. The ever-crowded Mahatma Gandhi Marg in Gangtok offers scrumptious momos and loads of fashionable, high-quality winter garments. You can enjoy nature, monasteries, and street shops along with exotic Sikkim cuisine. 

Gangtok, Sikkim

You can hire a taxi from the capital city, Gangtok, to visit beautiful places like Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir, Bakthang Waterfall, Tashi View Point, among others. You can rent a homestay or a hotel and comfortable stay while enjoying the beautiful views from your room or cottage.


The abode of clouds, Meghalaya is a part of the seven sisters and is a fantastic place to explore as a solo traveler. The state is situated between Bangladesh and Brahmaputra valley. The naturally beautiful state is truly blessed with natural abundance. The majestic waterfalls, living bridges, lush jungles, friendly people, you name it, and you will find it here.

Meghalaya solo traveler

The state is a welcoming tourist place all around the year. In the summer season, you will be welcomed with spring festivals. The monsoons are intense here and leave behind a lush green environment, all refreshed. In winters, the temperatures dip, and you can enjoy the greenery bathed in mist. Visit the Nartiang Monoliths in Jaintia Hills, the splendid Krang Suri waterfalls, the double-decker living root bridges, the Krem Rupasor caves, or enjoy hot-air ballooning through the countryside at Jowai. Bara Bazaar in Meghalaya is a one of its kind market run chiefly by women. 

Hampi is a paradise for history lovers. The place harbors many temples and architectural wonders from the bygone era of the Vijayanagara Empire. The beauty of these timeless monuments is bound to leave you spellbound. The virupaksha Temple dating back to the 7th century is a true wonder on the banks of river Tungabhadra. 

Hampi solo travel

The small town of Karnataka has featured in second place on the New York Times ‘List of Places To Go.’ Enjoy a scintillating sunset, the coracle boat ride, go shopping for local crafts.


The quaint French quarters in Pondicherry are an excellent option for exploring as part of your solo trip. The homes are painted in warm pastel colors, and the small lanes are lined with cafes that serve fantastic food and clean alleys. You will have your heart set in gold at this pretty place. Get the best pictures in your favorite summer dresses at the lovely place. The aesthetic streets of Pondicherry will make you wish that you never had to leave the town. 

Pondicherry solo travel

It would be best if you visited Promenade beach, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and Puducherry Museum. Do not forget to take a houseboat and cruise ride. You can also learn scuba diving in Pondicherry.


The north-eastern states of India offer an abundance of safe and exciting options for travel for solo women travelers. At the southern tip of the region, Mizoram is a fantastic place to explore. The rocky cliffs, lush green grass, and deep forests will take your heart away. Aizawl, the capital city, hosts a roadside library which will be your favorite place if you love to read. Mizoram has also bagged the highest rank in terms of the happiest places in India.

Mizoram solo travel


Rishikesh or better known as the yoga capital, offers natural beauty, yoga retreats, fabulous food to explore. Many only female hostels and dormitories are available in the region to make your stay a safe and pleasurable one. You can make friends with women with a similar mindset. The exquisite art at the ghats of Ganga is one of the most magnificent activities to witness. Do not forget to get a taste of adventure with bungee jumping, river rafting, ziplining, rock climbing, zorbing, cliff jumping, paragliding, among others.

Rishikesh solo travel

Munnar, Kerala

The most serene hill station of India is Munnar, situated in Kerala. It is known as a peaceful, mist-clad town. Suppose you are looking for a relaxing trip away from the touristy crowd, the perfect place to escape and enjoy the lush greenery. Evergreen tea plantations, gurgling rivers, spice gardens, winding trails, protected wildlife areas, along refreshing waterfalls make this place so unique. The people in the region are hardworking, honest, and welcoming.

Munnar, Kerala solo traveler


No one can deny that Goa is one of the safest places to explore for solo women travelers. The scintillating ocean, the sandy beaches, pocket-friendly hostel, and hotel stays make it a perfect getaway. You can experiment with your traveling style and also your dressing style here without any judgment. Explore the plantations in Southern Goa and the shacks lined along the beaches in the region. The cruises and casinos come alive at night. You can party every day in Goa and have a great time every day. 

Goa solo female traveler

Visit the Aguada Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and beaches in Goa. You must explore the water sports in Goa with all the safety precautions. 


Kovalam, a beautiful coastal town, is one of the safest places to visit for solo female travelers. The palm trees line the beaches here and offer a beautiful skyline, especially during sunrise and sunset. The coastal town is just 16kms from the city of Thiruvananthapuram. It would be best if you tried your hand at scuba diving while in Kovalam. Explore the marine life in the region. Other places to explore are Juma Masjid, Hawa Beach, Vizhinjam, etc. 

Kovalam solo traveler

So girls, let us be on our journey to explore this world with our own eyes. Pack your bags, don’t forget the safety gear and documents. Step out and have fun!