8 Reasons why every Girl should travel solo once in life

A plan to travel solo is always looked at in suspicion and fear by family and friends. The concerns are genuine and understandable. But do we understand the importance of traveling alone once in a woman’s life? Traveling helps to explore and learn a lot more. Encouraging travel makes a woman responsible and independent. 

If you are a young girl and are planning to travel or are a parent weighing if you should send your daughter for a trip, here are eight compelling reasons why every girl should travel.

Builds Confidence

Confidence is a vital skill in every walk of life and is lacking in many young women today. Most young women face issues with their self-esteem and confidence. Travel empowers a young mind and shapes it positively.

The exposure offered by travel is empowering and instills a deep sense of self-worth. Travel pushes a person out of their comfort zone and thus teaches how to cope with challenges and emerge victorious with lots of memories. Baby steps prove great moves in becoming confident at making decisions and defining limits for oneself. 

8 Reasons why every Girl should travel

Travel changes how you define yourself and the understanding of yourself. Your beliefs about yourself are more important than others, and this understanding results from a good exposure.

Travel forces you to face your insecurities and overcome the constraints. Suppose you think that you cannot do something specific or won’t be able to do something. In that case, you must consider traveling and challenging yourself. 

Reality Check - Travel Time

For someone who is always lost in their thoughts, building cloud castles, daydreaming, it isn’t easy to see the bigger picture and reality of the world. Travel is an excellent opportunity to receive the required reality check. Regular trips help build an understanding of worldly affairs.

Traveling to new places enables you to understand diversity and how people co-exist. One can realize well in time that the world does not revolve around them. 

Travel Time

Such major realizations help build a humble approach to life. The perspective of life is critical to lead a content life. Travel enables one to realize the comforts of life we take for granted. The ability to appreciate little things in life is valued.

Needs must never be confused with wishes, and traveling experiences teach these important lifestyle lessons subtly. 

Problem Solving Skills & Common Sense

Travel is a great tool to help build problem-solving skills. International travel teaches you to remain attentive, think, and adapt to changes around you. Common sense is not so ordinary after all, and one needs to explore and experience to get that sense right.

You are faced with new challenges every day while traveling. The ability to react and take action is not taught in the classroom. Handling new situations which can be stressful at times is a great life tool. 

Problem Solving Skills

Travel teaches one to survive alone but not be lonely, to find within oneself and grow. Street smartness is one skill that goes a long way to build your approach in life. Talking to strangers, be cautious. Hiking across the country, always wear shoes and comfortable clothes.

Encourages one to become Multi Linguist

Learning new languages opens new doors to life. You can explore further when you are comfortable in more than one language. It helps you to understand the culture and history of different cultures better. You can have better interactions with locals and make new friends.

Learning new languages opens doors for new career opportunities. It is easier to pick up a language when you are young.

become Multi Linguist

There is a job crunch in the market today, and we all are aware of the competitive job market. The digital market has opened up borders for anyone willing to work and migrate. 

Invaluable People Skills

Today everyone is struggling with people skills due to a lack of real-time interaction. The lack of face-to-face interactions has cost the new generation dearly. Travel can help build people skills and end the struggle.

Meeting new people across the globe is a great way to learn about more cultures, ethnicities, personalities, languages, etc. It makes a human being more inclusive and understanding. You know how to negotiate and interact with people from different parts of the world. 

Invaluable People Skills

Language barriers enable people to adjust their body language and rely on signs and other non-verbal communication tools for better understanding. The fear of being misunderstood is heavy, which makes you more careful while communicating. The impacting and shocking situations are often the ones that instill sensitivity and compassion. 

Teaches Time Management

Getting the most out of a trip is every traveler’s wish. The thrill and enthusiasm of traveling teach the effective use of time. Managing the trip eventually comes naturally to those who travel a lot.

A talented planner will have an itinerary ready for the trip at the drop of a hat. Organizing and managing multiple transportations, hopping to and fro connection public transport is an excellent juggle. Excellent attention to detail and calculation are required to set realistic goals for your trip. 

Time Management

As soon as you hit the road, you will learn the importance of management skills. 

Travel makes you Culturally Aware

Empathy is a great life skill. Traveling makes you sensitive, more culturally aware, and empathetic. It is essential to learn and accept different cultures in this increasingly multicultural world.

Those who travel far and wide are respectable towards other cultures and races, opinions, thoughts, and backgrounds. One develops a tolerance towards what is different. 

learn culture girl

Understanding the cultural nuances apart from one’s own brings you closer to fellow human beings. 

Building a sense of independence

A sense of independence and self-reliance is empowering and crucial in today’s fast-paced world. One needs to stand up for oneself and cater to all that one needs to live a fulfilling life. Travel helps you develop a sense of self and enables you to understand who you are and how you can facilitate yourself. 

independence girl

Having a voice of your own is an asset. One should be confident, independent, and learn people skills to become a great person. 


We hope you will plan a solo trip soon to some of the beautiful places this world has to offer. You can book a journey with Donna Wanderer and travel to some fantastic locations around the world with the amazing women of India.