Explore Kerala’s 6 Best Beaches in Varkala

Kerala offers a wide variety of beaches, making Kerala a perfect place for everyone. It is a true delight to every beach lover looking for some adventurous time. The turquoise water and golden sands are perfect for a fantastic beach trip with your girlfriends. Delicious food, adventure activities, hammocks, and cool drinks are excellent to keep you hooked to the beautiful beach vacation. The secluded and laid-back party beaches of Kerala are perfect for women travelers.

The beautiful beaches of Kerala have opened with COVID restrictions in place. These secluded beaches are safe and private for having a great time with your fellow female travelers. All beaches in Varkala offer a fun-filled experience to the visitors. Follow all the COVID regulations set by the Centre and State Government while you are here to stay safe and avoid trouble. Female travelers can find a lot to do here

Kerala's Best Beaches in Varkala

Thiruvambadi Beach

This beautiful black sand beach lies just a km from the Thiruvamdabi road. It is a perfect picnic spot; you can enjoy sunbathing and seawater in all its glory here. The beach is adjacent to the North Cliff; you can go to the top and enjoy the beauty of the seawater below. The beach is bordered by coconut groves and is perfect for sunrise and sunset pictures. There are plenty of food stalls at the beach to enjoy local street food. You can hail a taxi from your hotel and enjoy it with your friends at the beach.

Thiruvambadi Beach varkala karela

Edava Beach

This unparalleled beach is one of its kind around the globe. A fantastic stretch of the beach circles a blue lagoon where the sea and backwaters run parallel. The two water bodies are divided by a km of straight road. An estuary connects the sea with the backwaters here, which gathers locals and tourists when the two water bodies meet in rains, as the water levels rise.

It is a magnificent place to swim in the water, play games, and enjoy a simple picnic. The beach is just 6 km away from the city center and easily accessible. 

Edava Beach varkala karela

Papasnanam Beach

This beach is not favorable for swimming for beginners due to high water levels and rough waves. The scenic beach is quite famous among travelers. You can enjoy food from the stalls and shacks around the coast. It is near the city center and accessible by taxi. Seawater is believed to have medicinal properties.

Papasnanam Beach varkala karela

Varkala Beach

This wonderful beach is a revered pilgrimage site in Kerala. The serenity of this place attracts a lot of tourists. The long, meandering paved road made on the cliff that extends into the Arabian Sea is a great adventure. This secluded beach will offer you a travel destination away from the touristy crowd.

A hot spring flows into the sea here that is believed to have medicinal properties. The Janardhana Swamy Temple situated near the beach is sacred to Hindus. You can enjoy a wonderful time here. The beautiful shoreline will leave you in awe. 

Varkala Beach varkala karela

Kappil Beach

This public beach is just a strip of land lying close to Kappil beach and is lined with beautiful coconut trees. The bridge built over the lake gives you a beautiful view of the backwaters. You can view the horizon where the backwater enters the splendid Arabian sea.

You can enjoy extensive activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, parasailing, etc. Enjoy tasty food at shacks and cafes around the beach. The beach is easily accessible by city taxi. You will have a great time here with your fellow female travelers. 

Kappil Beach varkala karela

Chilkoot Beach

The shore lies about half an hour away from the town of Varkala. This beautiful public beach is lined with casuarina groves which offer iconic beauty. While driving from Varkala to the beach, you will catch a glimpse of rural Kerala life.

The beach is famous for its serene environment and beautiful sunset views. The beach has resorts lining its shore, which makes it perfect for a staycation. The 15 km distance from Varkala can be covered in a taxi comfortably. 

Chilkoot Beach varkala karela

These beaches of Kerala will leave you in awe of the beauty of the Arabian Coastal line. Female travelers must explore this beautiful town and its beaches. The soft sands and the clear water of the Arabian sea makes these beaches a great option to explore. We hope you loved this beautiful curation of beaches from Kerala