Meetu DW

Meetu Arora


An Admin Professional & passionate traveler, she spent a successful decade with the world’s most iconic motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson, planning and managing travels, and events, after that she chose to live her own dreams, following her passion for travel, she is Founder of Donna Wanderer. Working with perfection, confidence & a pleasant smile is what she is known for.

Being an avid traveler herself, she understands the nuances of traveling as a woman. Her expertise as a travel & events manager aids & focuses on creating a unique, memorable & excellent travel experience for female travelers. She opted to offer a perfect mix of exploration, enthusiasm, and never forgettable experience for travel, making voyage fun, accessible, easy for WOMEN.

There is nothing more inspiring, empowering, and invigorating than taking complete responsibility for all aspects of your life.”

Ankur DW

Ankur Agrawal


A travel enthusiast with entrepreneurial zeal towards various fields. Working with passion and delivering the clients’ desired outcomes is what Ankur feeds on. 

As he always says, “You can plan it all you want, but at the end of the day it is your Drive towards your goal that leads to success”.

He is an adventurer, traveler, and fitness enthusiast who loves to click and record his surroundings. He has spent an eventful and successful decade in the industry working with big names such as Star TV India, NDTV Media Ltd., ESPN Star Sports, and freelancing as an adventure traveller.

Ankur DW